04 December 2021

After Glasgow, a climate reality check

The pledges made at COP26 global policy-making conference in November will not prevent 1.5℃ or even 2℃ of global warming. The outcome from Glasgow leaves a role for fossil fuels for many decades to come.

As a climate advocate, you know the underestimation of the climate reality poses grave consequences for global safety, health and well-being.

Get the 2021 Climate Reality Check, presenting an update of 20 critical observations and insights to help advocates address the climate emergency and support actions for a safe climate.

  • Stop increasing additional warming: Advocate for zero emissions by 2030 
  • Prevent imminent damage: Support safe near-term cooling research; innovation 
  • Restore safe climate conditions: Encourage large scale drawdown of pre-existing emissions

View the short explainer video and download the full Climate Reality Check 2021 for the latest analysis.

2021 Climate Reality Check:

  • Presents a sound scientific foundation to increase vital awareness and help frame effective strategy.
  • Highlights major trends and impacts to emphasise urgent and severe vulnerabilities.
  • Confronts risks and threats with rigour and unrestrained honesty.
  • Identifies critical actions essential for safe climate global protection.