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To start...

Climate reality check: An overview of science, impacts, risks and solutions
Faster than forecast: System breakdown, tipping points, cascades and social collapse
Climate interventions briefing: Carbon drawdown and albedo modification

What scientists say about...

Societal collapse
Future warming and what is safe
Tipping points, cascades and losing control
The climate emergency and existential risks
Climate impacts
Economics, emissions and goals


Faster, Higher Hotter: What we learned about the climate system in 2022
          Emissions trends, 1.5°C overshoot, likelihood of 2°C
          2°C and system stability, heading to 3°C or more, tipping points faster than forecast
          Cascading risks, climate extremes and necessary actions
Climate Dominoes: Tipping points and system cascades
Tipping point basics
West Antarctica
Greenland and the Arctic
Forests and the Amazon
Coral reefs
Faster than forecast, cascades loom
How the IPCC is too conservative
Hansen's new climate bomb
: on climate sensitivity, aerosols and the need for cooling


Food fight: Climate change, food crises & regional insecurity
Third degree
: Impacts and human security consequences of three degrees of warming
Pakistan is a hotspot for climate-driven human security crises

Solutions, climate emergency and mobilisation

Climate interventions briefing: Carbon drawdown and albedo modification
A critical pathway for a manageable future for humanity: Reduce, remove, repair (Climate Crisis Advisory Group)
Net zero 2050: A dangerous illusion
Climate emergency explored
Reclaiming “climate emergency: An emergency mode of response, characterised by decisive state leadership and market intervention challenges the dominant economic paradigm and is now necessary to protect contemporary civilisation.
Climate emergency defined: What is a climate emergency and does the evidence justify one?
Victory plan: How the U.S. could eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed, contribute to a global effort to restore a safe climate, and reverse ecological overshoot
Interview: Reclaiming the climate emergency (video)

Risk and reticence

What lies beneath: The understatement of existential climate risk
Existential climate risk management on ClimateGenn (video)
Model-based net-zero scenarios, including those of the IPCC, aren’t worth the paper they are written on

Climate and security

Are climate–security risks too hot to handle for the Albanese government?
Missing in action: Responding to Australia's climate and security failure

... more to come.