What scientists and analysts say about economics, emissions and goals

“We will need to return to a global climate no warmer than the middle of the 20th century, and likely somewhat cooler, for the sake of maintaining global shorelines. “
      November temperature update and the big climate short

Dr RORY CLISBY (Verisk Maplecroft)
“Our data underscores that it is clear there is no longer any realistic chance of an orderly transition. Companies and investors across all asset classes must prepare for at best a disorderly transition and at worst a whiplash from a succession of rapid shifts in policy across a host of vulnerable sectors.”
      Prepare for disorderly shift to low-carbon era, firms and investors told

DEREK BROWER (US energy editor of the Financial Times)
"There’s too much to do, and given the urgency and the need to get the solution right, this isn’t a task for your favourite ESG-focused portfolio manager or the tech bros. The sheer scale of the physical infrastructure that must be revamped, demolished or replaced is almost beyond comprehension. Governments, not BlackRock, will have to lead this new Marshall Plan. And keep doing it. The western nations that did so much of the damage will have to finance the transition in the developing world — it is astonishing that this idea is still debated. Massive deficit spending will be necessary, not a new ETF. For all the clean-tech advances and renewable deployment in recent decades, fossil fuels’ share of total global energy use was 86 per cent in 2000 and 82 per cent last year."
      Capitalism won’t deliver the energy transition fast enough . . .
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“Net zero 2050 (etc) is more than a distraction! It's a death warrant, signed by wealthy nations privileging the hi-emitting norms & luxuries of a relatively small group of their citizens over (initially) the lives of those poorer communities living in climate vulnerable zones.”

"I just get tired...Tired of hearing that 1.5°C is a "target" or "goal". IT IS NOT. It is a limit. The only real goal is 0°C. And not bad 1.5°C, when we LIKELY tip GIS, WAIS, Tropical Coral Reefs and Abrupt Boreal Permafrost, and get more floods, droughts, heat, disease, storms."