19 May 2010

Liberals would cut $1.5 billion in climate funding

A detailed statement outlining the savings measures or cuts that would be made by the Coalition has been released by the opposition's finance spokesman Andrew Robb.
Based on the content of the statement it seems the Coalition would cut over $1.5 billion in climate related funding set out in the Budget over the forward estimates (next four years). This includes the $653 million renewable energy and energy efficiency fund announced in the Federal Budget.
In addition they would also reduce funding to the Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships Program by $200 million.
Further evidence that the Coalition like Labor don't have a real plan to tackle climate change.


  1. Well... reducing funding to carbon capture & storage is really a good thing, although they are probably doing for entirely different reasons than we would. Really just proves that the climate denial lobby still runs Australian politics. Libs: climate change isn't happening. Labor: climate change is too hard for us. Same difference!

  2. I guess this ends the faint optimism generated out of the Climate Emergency Network's chat with Greg Hunt about the possibility of the COALition supporting Replace Hazelwood as part of their Direct Action 'strategy'.