26 March 2011

Where are we headed?

Climate Interactive Scoreboard

How much will our climate warm with the current levels of commitment to action by governments? The scoreboard from Climate Interactive tracks all the firm mitigation commitments from governments around the world, and then compares the result with both "business as usual" (no action) and a 1.5C goal.

The result - around 4 degrees Celsius of warming by 2100 - is:
* analysed in our post Where are we headed? and
* in more detail in the Climate Centre primer "4 degrees hotter".
Also check What would 3 degrees mean?


  1. 4 degrees seems like a mid range prediction, if the powers may be really start by 2030 do reduce C02 seriously. But 4 degrees will still produce changes that will impact civilization in a big way.

  2. With 4 degrees of warming, there won't be much left of our civilisation to impact on.

  3. Not that Chris Berg from the right-wing IPA would have any idea, given his Age article today that "Climate change can't be stopped, but we will adapt... The answer to climate woes is to make countries rich and stable".

  4. Like most people I read that rubbish from Chris Berg in today's Age. On any topic this guy seems to have become the conservative commentator of choice. Generally, as with this piece, he knows nothing about the topic but continues to get space to push the coalition's agenda. This piece should be answered but a letter to the editor doesn't seem enough - any ideas?

  5. 4 Degrees will impact the planet tremendously- but now even Hansen says 2 degrees is a 'prescription for disaster'.

    4 degrees will reshape the planet in a way that has not been seen since the PETM occurred 56 million years ago.

    CO2 at levels that would produce 650ppm, would last be seen around 40 million years ago- just after the peak of that PETM.