31 December 2021

Climate stories and insights in 2021

 by David Spratt

So here is an idiosyncratic look at some of the big climate stories and insights from 2021, drawn from my Twitter feed.

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08 December 2021

Morrison’s lack of climate action puts national security at risk, former defence chief says

by Michael Mazengarb, first published at RenewEconomy,

A former Australian defence force chief has warned that a lack of strong climate policies and the Morrison government’s failure to properly assess the implications of a warming planet is putting the country’s national security at risk.

“Climate change remains the most significant threat to our security, and we must now act accordingly with the necessary scale and speed of action,” former Australian Defence Force chief Admiral Chris Barrie said, speaking on behalf of the Australian Security Leaders Climate Group (ASLCG).

“It is perplexing that a government that claims to be strong on security issues is weak, and even silent, on the greatest threat to the future security, safety and well-being of all Australians.

04 December 2021

After Glasgow, a climate reality check

The pledges made at COP26 global policy-making conference in November will not prevent 1.5℃ or even 2℃ of global warming. The outcome from Glasgow leaves a role for fossil fuels for many decades to come.

As a climate advocate, you know the underestimation of the climate reality poses grave consequences for global safety, health and well-being.

Get the 2021 Climate Reality Check, presenting an update of 20 critical observations and insights to help advocates address the climate emergency and support actions for a safe climate.

  • Stop increasing additional warming: Advocate for zero emissions by 2030 
  • Prevent imminent damage: Support safe near-term cooling research; innovation 
  • Restore safe climate conditions: Encourage large scale drawdown of pre-existing emissions

View the short explainer video and download the full Climate Reality Check 2021 for the latest analysis.

2021 Climate Reality Check:

  • Presents a sound scientific foundation to increase vital awareness and help frame effective strategy.
  • Highlights major trends and impacts to emphasise urgent and severe vulnerabilities.
  • Confronts risks and threats with rigour and unrestrained honesty.
  • Identifies critical actions essential for safe climate global protection.